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✨ Bonus Autoclicker Power-up

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Bonus Auto Clicker Power-Up

The Code Explained

An auto clicker power-up will click the cookie for us, cool! Let’s set its variable to 0 because we don’t want it clicking until we buy it form the store.

auto_clicker = 0

Now update all store3 instances like in the video.

Let’s code what happens when the auto clicker is activated.

if auto_click != 0:
   clicks += store3.bonus

In Python, the syntax for coding does not equal is !=.

We have to check to see if we’re buying the auto clicker upgrade.

if s.name == "auto"':
 auto_click += s.bonus
   s.bonus *= 2

That’s it! Run your game, see how it works, then share your game with others.