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⚙️ Setting Up Repl.it

Repl.it Set Up

What is Repl.it?

Repl.it is the website that we will be using to code our game. This will prevent us from having to download anything such as Python or an IDE and will allow us to easily share our projects!

To use Repl.it, simply go to www.repl.it and click sign up in the top right of the site. Once you have set up your free account, we can start exploring the interface!

Repl.it Interface

The first step to coding on Repl.it is creating a new repl, which stands for…

  • Read (computer reads the code you typed)
  • Evaluate (runs the code)
  • Print (shows the results)
  • Loop (does R, E, and P in a loop)

Think of it repls like coding projects. You should notice a button on the top right that says ‘+ new repl.’

When you click this button, you will be asked what programming language you want to use. For now, we are simply going to click on Python and name it whatever you would like!

Now that our repl has been created we can see the coding interface. The far left of the screen is our file directory and will tell us what files and folders are in our project.

The middle section is our workspace where we will type our code…

…and the far right section is where we will see our code when we click run!

The other important part of this screen is the share button. This button will allow you to share your code with others in case you get stuck!