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đŸ“Ĩ Download GDevelop

Let’s get you set up with the GDevelop game engine.

Navigate to their website by clicking on the link.

Step 1: Download GDevelop

Click the download button to proceed to the next page.

Select either WINDOWS or MACOS (Apple) depending on your computer. If you’re not sure, ask your parents. The software should download to your computer. Follow the installation instructions until complete.

Step 2: Download the Betabox Project

Download the special Betabox Project file by clicking the link below. Save it as a separate file to your desktop.

 Download: betabox-basics-learning-experience-20190225T212655Z-001

Note: If you have a Raspberry Pi kit at home, GDevelop will come pre-installed on that machine.

Step 3: Unzip the Betabox Project Folder

Open the Betabox Project folder and unzip it. This is like opening a cardboard box to reveal the goodies inside. You will be uploading the betabox-basics-learning-experience.json file.

Have you ever seen a file with .pdf, .jpg, or .docx in the name? These endings are called file formats and they tell computers how to organize information for just about anything. Would you want your school essay to be saved as a Word document (.docx) or a photo (.jpg)? Should you store a song as a music file (.mp3) or a GIF (.gif)? JavaScript Object Notation is what the .json file format stands for and you can think of it like as a mailman who delivers letters from one house to another.

Step 4: Create a New Project

Open GDevelop and click CREATE A NEW PROJECT.

Click the EXAMPLES tab.

Type Betabox in the search bar to bring up the project you downloaded earlier.

Scroll down and double-click on Betabox basics learning experience.