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๐ŸŽฎ What’s a Game Engine?

A game engine is software that provides programmers with lots of tools to build something fun!

Here’s a short list of engines that have developed your favorite games:

  • Unity โžก๏ธ Kerbal Space Program, Cuphead
  • Unreal Engine โžก๏ธ Fortnite, Pokรฉmon GO, Minecraft Dungeons
  • Marmalade SDK โžก๏ธ Plants vs. Zombies

Of all the game engines out there, why are we using GDevelop in this Quest? We’re introducing it to you for the best reason: it’s free and open source. Meaning, if you create a game using this software then you won’t have to pay the creators to sell it as you would with others. You also don’t have to buy anything to use it.

Open source means you’re given permission to look at the developer’s code so you can see how they made the game and use it for yourself! Think of it like a family recipe that’s shared with loved ones.

GDevelop is also easy to learn and easy to program. Once you understand the basics, the sky’s the limit! While you can only create games in 2D with this software, the coding principals you acquire here can be used with any 3D game engine, like Unreal and Unity.