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๐Ÿ”Š Choosing Sound Effects

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Uploading Sound Effects

Choosing Your Sound Effects

Go to https://opengameart.org/ to browse some cool sound effects. You’llย  be needing sound effects for:

  • Coin collecting
  • Jumping
  • Game Over
If you'd like to use the sound effects used in the video, download these files!
Coin collecting
Game Over

Once you’ve found the sounds you’d like to use, download them by clicking the link under FILE(S):

Note: If your sounds come in many formats, choose the one with the .wav file extension. If it’s only available as an .mp3 then you can use the MP3 to WAV converter!

Files may also be downloaded as a ZIP folder. You’ll need toย extract the files inside by right-clicking your download and selecting extract.

How to Unzip a ZIP Folder

Download the .zip file to your computer.

Right-click the folder and selectย Extract All…

You can choose a destination folder for your unzipped files (downloads, desktop) or you can keep the preselected on and click theย Extract button below.

You should now see a new folder without the zipper! Use this folder to access your assets.

Creative Licenses

Whenever you use someone else’s work (pictures, music, sound effects) it’s important to give credit. Take a look at the license rights of the sounds you’d be using.

Public Domain

These licenses don’t require attribution but we would mention the website we got this file from.

Creative Commons

These licenses require crediting the author of the file. You can find this information on the top left of the screen under Author.

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