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🔌 Electronic Devices vs Electrical Devices!

Before going deeper into the study of electronics, you should understand the difference between electrical and electronic devices.

Electrical devices were developed first, and you could say they are simpler and easier to understand.

Electronics really came into widespread use well after basic electrical devices had been put into use.

What are the differences?

Electrical Devices

These devices convert electrical energy into some other type of enery, typically light, heat, or motion. A few examples are:

  • Incandescent bulbs have filaments that turn electricity into light.
  • Toasters and space heaters have coils that convert electricity into heat.
  • Electric motors change electricity into motion.

Electronic Devices

These devices change characteristics of the electricity itself allowing us to embed information in the current and use it to control other devices or processes. Don't worry if this is hard to understand right now, these lessons are built to help you understand!

Photo by Frank Wang on Unsplash

Both types of device can and do work together. Many devices now contain both electrical and electronic components, so it's getting harder to make a clear distinction!

This distinction between electrical and electronic devices will help you understand the difference between the types of jobs in the world of electricity!